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About Far End Gear®

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What is Far End Gear®?
Founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Kevin Goldstein, Far End Gear® utilizes innovative thinking to develop unparalleled, multi-use gear for the outdoor enthusiast.

With his humble beginnings as an avid road cyclist and outdoorsman in Tucson, Arizona, Goldstein developed a product line of specialized earbuds that mixes both channels of audio, providing stereo quality sound through a single ear; enabling the wearer to maintain alertness in any environment. Building on the success of OneGood™ Earphones (XDU), Far End Gear® has expanded its product lines to include Brite Buds™ stereo and stereo-to-mono Reflective Earphones, BudLoks™ Earphone Sport Grips and Short Buds™.

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If you have ideas for product improvement, please contact us. We develop new products for you and love to hear your input.