Reviews, mentions, and video of XDU Single Earphones

From Isobel Bespalov on 2/2/2013
These nifty ear buds mix both channels of sound from a stereo audio device into a single ear! In this way you get full stereo sound through one ear bud!

These ear buds are particularly important for me because, as you may not know, I am hearing impaired in my left ear. I have hearing loss and tinnitus. I prefer not to put an ear bud in this ear for fear of making my hearing loss worse. Also, it’s kind of pointless because I can’t hear it!! Therefore, I do not get full stereo sound with conventional ear buds. With Far End Gear ear buds I get to enjoy full stereo again. It’s fantastic!
From Barefoot Inclined - Jeff Gallup on 6/18/2012
As I noted the sound quality was pretty good for music, however I really liked them for listening to podcasts etc. I wore the earbud on my first 2.5 hour trail run, and listened to the Trail Runner Nation podcasts... that worked out really well.
From Trail Runner Nation - Scott Warr on 5/15/2012
...was very skeptical using these. He asked, “Why would I want music in ONE ear? Heck, I have a pair of earphones with one broken ear- bud already!” He was pleasantly surprised, “both channels of music in one ear and I’m able to hear footsteps and conversation of runners around me. Trail worthy? YES!..."
From Gumption Gear on 5/8/2012
...whether it’s a steep hill or a wicked headwind, there are moments in your run or training session that you’ll need to dig deep, and often we rely upon music to summon that extra energy boost.

OneGood™ Earphones offer a way to safely listen to music...
From Rolling Stone's Gear Up - Scott Steinberg on 2/2/2012
Capable of condensing stereo sound to a mono signal, the headset offers complete song mixes, letting you hear all sides of recorded tracks. This process alleviates the need to physically remove an earbud and lose half the mix, as with the world’s currently dominant (and obvious) low-tech solution.
From Wired's Gadget Lab - Charlie Sorrel on 1/26/2012
But there are still a few uses for a single-sided earphone, and OneGood Earphone addresses those needs... I’m going to buy one so I can listen to the Gadget Lab podcast while I’m washing the dishes.
From Gizmodo - Andrew Liszewski on 1/23/2012
While you might think it's crazy for a company to be selling one-sided headphones, there's a compelling idea behind them: If you're out jogging while listening to music you can always just take one of your regular earbuds out to keep an ear on your surroundings, but that only leaves you with half of a stereo mix in your other ear.
From Run Junkie Blog - Hank Dart on 1/15/2012
The real bonus - apart from the stereo-to-mono conversion - is the simplicity of the single cord. No more trying to find a secure, un-irritating place for that unused ear bud.
From Running to Remember - Scott Herman on 1/12/2012
...a must-see for any endurance athlete or fitness fanatic that wants to be aware of their surroundings and still rock out to their favorite tunes.
From Killeen Gonzalez on Yahoo! Contributor Network on 1/9/2012
...based in Tucson, Arizona and manufactures ear buds that are designed to be used by athletes. It offers multi-level sponsorships. Therefore, what benefits you initially receive will be based on your application.
From Michael @ Cruftbox on 1/5/2012
I've been on a few rides and runs with them now and I pronounce them Cruft-worthy.

Everything works as expected and I think the larger button on the mic is good, especially when wearing gloves. Much easier to find without having to slow down and fiddle with finding it. There's also a small clip that I find useful when I run to keep the cable from bouncing. The mic quality is pretty good and I can still receive calls while running and riding without stopping.
From Jackalope Ranch - Kelsey Havens on 12/13/2011
Although a good power jam is important for a good workout, safety always comes first. This Tucson-based company offers "one good earphone" that... allows athletes to jam out without tuning out the sounds of traffic and other dangers.
From Bike Safe Boston on 12/6/2011
After using OneGood Earphone’s wrap-around right earbud for a few days, I must say that I’m a fan. It’s a clean, simple product that really brightens up a dreary ride to work. And you can’t beat the price.
From on 11/29/2011
...Benjamin in San Diego, however, turned me on to OneGood Earphone, which mixes the stereo channels into a single ear. Plugging only a single ear is legal in California, and I can still hear approaching cyclists (“on your left!“) and other traffic coming up from behind me.

It’s a simple, clever idea that works. Various earbud styles are available, including models with clips and mics...
These would make a good Christmas gift for the cyclist or runner in your life.
From BikeHacks Blog on 11/2/2011
I have tested two of the buds over the past few weeks and am quite satisfied. They have proved to be durable and the sound quality is good. To test out the dual channel capability I tried several songs but I landed on one that really allowed me to hear the difference - Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf.

There is a lot going on at the start of Magic Carpet Ride and I listened to the song over and over, switching out one ear phone from my normal set with the OneGood Earphone product. The difference was noticeable...
From Tall Mom on the Run on 10/18/2011
I love to run with music, but I also want to be aware of my surroundings and SAFETY. I was sent the in-ear bud to test and it is GREAT! No more do I have to tuck the extra earbud in my bra strap.
From Tri 226 Blog on 8/10/2011
I love to have music so that my mind has something else to focus on besides the constant, repetitious strides. Unfortunately, studies have shown that when listening to music, an athlete can increase their performance by 2.4%. This increase in productivity lead to the banning of music devices for elite athletes, but recreational runners can use them still which I agree on completely.
From A.U. Bankatis - Audiology Blog on 7/27/2011
For individuals with single-sided deafness (SSD) or significant hearing loss in one ear, this product allows users to enjoy fuller sound. For cyclists, runners, and other athletes with normal hearing, OneGood Earphone offers an ideal way to listen to music in stereo via one ear while maintaining auditory alertness in the environment with the unplugged ear.
From Bicycling Magaizine's Gear Finder on 7/19/2011
Those who do tune in generally have the good sense to run one ear plugged and one ear open so they can hear their surroundings. The problem is then that you really only hear half your music or podcast, instead of the full stereophonic sound. OneGood Earphone fixes that...
From Arizona Daily Star on 6/17/2011
In Las Vegas, running coach Jill Whitaker began Googling for a single earbud after encountering similar problems as McKisson. When she found OneGood Earphones, she... got to test a prototype. "I was really impressed that not only was this product in existence, but a lot of their materials are about safety for runners and cyclists and making sure they're aware of their surroundings," she said.
From Cool Things Blog on 6/13/2011
That way, you get to enjoy the full range of audio in the original track, all while freeing up one ear so you can hear the world at large.
We’ve all seen the movies. Aliens land in public, begins to shoot people, and the guy with the earbuds who remains oblivious to what’s going on gets killed. Don't be that dude. You can get the OneGood Earphone now directly from their website.
From Loving the Bike on 6/1/2011
I have been using my OneGood Earphone now for approximately 6 weeks and I absolutely love it. I purchased the right ear version since I ride my bike with traffic. As someone with a hearing impairment, I have to be very careful with what little hearing I have left. I have a 70% loss in my left ear and 15% loss in my right. Unfortunately for me, I am an audiophile and love good, clear sound which I get from my OneGood Earphone.
From Jill Will Run on 4/25/2011
So I think it’s probably pretty obvious that I LOVED the idea of having an option for running that is only one earbud right out of the gate. And when I put it into practice? Still love it!
From Bike Rumor on 4/13/2011
It was like biting into a B.L.T and not tasting bacon.

But now, with OneGood Earphone, you can hear the bacon (so to speak) and have one ear open to hear that jacked up Ford bearing down on you before it runs you into the ditch.
From iRun Magazine Blog on 2/16/2011
GRANT: Probably, but seriously this is the best running product I have ever seen. I would also consider it if I was biking. The best thing about it is that you never have headphones tangled up anymore. I hate that. ”OneGood Earphone“. Check it out!
From Downhill Both Ways on 2/12/2011
Here's the solution. A single earbud. Sounds easy, right? Listen to your music and leave one earbud dangling. It's not that easy. The music sounds like crap and the dangling weighted wire is really annoying. The solution? [Far End Gear's] OneGood Earphone.
From GT in LA on 2/6/2011
Mind you, OGE does not replace a great headset or great stereo earbud when you can wear both, but it blows your single earbud out of the water. Add to this, that I can answer calls easily when needed, because the music mutes automatically on an incoming call, this ear bud has gotten a lot of use.
From iRun Magazine Blog on 9/24/2010
It fit my ear perfectly. Once it was in, I didn’t have to re-adjust the ear piece. Aside from the convenience of being able to chat with my friends, the OneGood earphone provides a level of safety. I can listen to music and still hear what is going on around me.

Overall, I was very happy with [my] OneGood. It is comfortable, maintains good sound quality, and helps me to enjoy my run safely. This week, I was able to charge up hills with my favourite power song and jog down the other side and converse with my friend. I rocked the hills and didn’t miss a beat.
From Mad Mayo Running Club on 5/10/2010
...if you’re a simple mortal like me and really just want to hear your Bollywood tunes during your runs or bike rides or walks while also telling the world, “I might be rocking out to Rahman, but I can still hear you, so back off,” then the OneGood Earphone might be your new favorite bit of gear.