Reviews and mentions of Short Buds

From Inspire Hope....RUN - Kelly G on 3/1/2013
I ran for just a little over 5 miles, in wind and the ear bud never moved from my ear. I have always had to fiddle with any ear buds to get them to stay in place. This one did not move. The sound quality was also fabulous for a single ear bud. I am over the moon happy with this purchase and so happy I finally found the perfect ear bud for me!
From Run with Jess on 8/11/2012
I was delighted that someone created something that fills a much needed niche. When I listen to music, I use a tiny ipod shuffle that clips to my sports bra or hat. I like it simple and small. The Short Bud is absolutely perfect for this setup with a shorter 15" cord. No more tucking all that extra cord into your sports bra!
From Team Dicky - Rich Dillen on 3/7/2012
Why get a new one when I'm so happy with the one I already have? This one has a 15" cord. No more wrapping the cord all around my bibs or tucking it down my pants. I'm either gonna mount my Shuffle on my helmet or just clip it to my bibs. It's basically what I've wanted ever since I started riding...
From Stet That Run! on 2/5/2012
...solved a problem that has vexed me for ages: the overly long earbud cord. Instead of marketing a clever doodad to wind up or retract the extra cord, they went with a much simpler, more elegant approach. They made the cord shorter.