Reviews, mentions, and video of Brite Buds

From Isobel Bespalov on 2/2/2013
These nifty ear buds mix both channels of sound from a stereo audio device into a single ear! In this way you get full stereo sound through one ear bud!

These ear buds are particularly important for me because, as you may not know, I am hearing impaired in my left ear. I have hearing loss and tinnitus. I prefer not to put an ear bud in this ear for fear of making my hearing loss worse. Also, itís kind of pointless because I canít hear it!! Therefore, I do not get full stereo sound with conventional ear buds. With Far End Gear ear buds I get to enjoy full stereo again. Itís fantastic!
From Skora Running Blog on 10/21/2012
Iíve been using the OneGood Earphone and now the Brite Bud since late 2011 and consider them an important part of my training gear. I even use them often while not running. The sound quality is excellent and I never feel like I'm missing anything by only having one earbud in.
From Run with Jess on 8/11/2012
The fabric-wrapped cord intrigued me, and I was anxious to test it out. Not only for the reflectivity issue, but also for comfort. The rubber on other cords always seem to stick to my sweaty skin, resulting in the earbud tugging out of my ear... The bud rested comfortably in my ear and during a 5 mile run, the cord never pulled and the bud never moved from my ear. Instead of constantly adjusting the earbud, I kinda forgot it was there.
From Far End Gear on 8/6/2012
From Pro BMX rider Brian Kachinsky on 8/2/2012
This is rad. The single best earbud on the planet. It has the sound of two buds into one. Leaving your other ear open for awareness. Perfect for riding. Thanks @farendgear!