Lock in your Edifier P185 Headphones with BudLoks

If your Edifier P185 Headphones fall out of your ears, there is a solution. BudLoks™ install around the body of your earbuds. The soft silicone wing gently locks into the bowl of your ear, comfortably locking it in place during general activity or vigorous exercise. More Details

Edifier P185 Headphones Hi-Fi Classic Earbud Style Earphones with Microphone - Blue

Best Budget Earphones

The P185 headphones from Edifier have a great sound with a deep bass for lovers of all things ranging from EDM to hip-hop. As the ultimate accessory for MP3 players and laptops, the P185 were designed to look fashionable as well. It's angled design allows the P185 headphones to reach to the deepest parts of your ear making the sound louder for those who prefer a classic bud style to that of an in-ear monitor. Experience true high quality audio on a budget that makes sense.

Ergonomic and Compatible

The P185 come with soft foam covers, which make them comfy to place in your ears. The 3.5mm connector makes these ear buds compatible with virtually any device. Use these earphones to play music from computers to smart phones. These in-ear headphones are compatible with Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and MacBooks. The earphone connects with Android devices as well from Samsung Galaxy and Note series, HTC One, Sony cellphones.

Earphones For All Situations

Frustrated with headphones that are cheap and aren't built to last? The P185 headphones aren't generic gas station headphones. The wired cord of the P185 may be thin but is made of materials that are durable, flexible, and pull resistant. These earphones are well equipped for listening to any type of audio. Sit back and relax with a book while listening to music or rock out the P185 ear buds from Edifier are made for any type of audio. The P185 comes with an added feature of a microphone and control button for answering calls.

The headphones come in three different unique colors: black, red, and blue.

Edifier continues satisfying customers for over two decades with our expertise in audio.

  • CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND - Receive a crystal clear sound with Hi-Fi earphones from Edifier
  • UNIQUE TILT DESIGN AND COMFORTABLE FIT - The unique tilt design ensures sound is sent directly to your ear.
  • HANDS FREE CALLING - Use the click button and microphone for answering calls easily on the go
  • EXTRA STRONG DURABLE WIRE- This guarantees a long lasting cord for any of your audio needs.
  • 12-MONTH WARRANTY - We guarantee a 12-month warranty on all of our products
Edifier P185 Headphones Hi-Fi Classic Earbud Style Earphones with Microphone - Blue Available through

Lock in your Edifier P185 Headphones with BudLoks Earphone Sport Grips