The Best Earphones for New Parents

For anyone who has ever been a new parent, you understand that raising babies and young children is a 24-7 job. (In addition to the job you hold that actually brings in money, of course.) There are the sleepless nights, spit up on everything, constant diaper changes, and of course—the laundry. How is it possible that something so small can create so much laundry?

One of the greatest challenges of early parenthood is finding short windows of time for yourself during the day, yet it’s incredibly important for your own mental health that you do so. Feeling constantly stretched thin or exhausted can be stressful and undoubtedly your child can sense it too. 

Taking Time for Yourself, While Retaining Focus

Think of Far End Gear’s XDU™ single earphone as a way to enjoy “alone time” without actually leaving your baby behind. Listening to music is a great way to relax and decompress. (Plus, that new Bruno Mars album isn’t going to listen to itself.)

So, why not carve out a couple times a day when you can take a few minutes and rock out by yourself? Dance in front of the mirror, jump on that stationary bike that’s been used as a clothes catch-all for the last year, or simply chill with the newest copy of US Weekly (it’s okay, we won’t tell).

The beauty of Far End Gear’s XDU™ earphone is that it’s designed to be worn in just one ear, mixing both channels of sound into that single ear. The result? The wearer maintains a level of alertness no matter the environment, all the while enjoying the music they love . This makes it an ideal accessory for young parents who need to keep an ear open for their children.

The Perfect Way to Play

Now it’s easy to lay your little one down for a nap and listen to music while you put away laundry or move about the house, cleaning up. It’s incredibly liberating to know that you don’t have to worry about not hearing your child in distress, and can even make these chores a bit more fun. (Anyone who’s had a baby knows we take whatever fun we can during these days).

The XDU single earphone™ is also great for the playground, park, or if you take your child on walks or runs with the stroller. Not just for moms, this offers a bit of musical stress relief for dads, nannies and caregivers.
So go ahead, turn it up a little. Anything that’s not “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” is welcome noise.

In no particular order, Amy Reiss is a writer, mother, wife, book-lover, and wine drinker. Current obsessions include Kelly Oxford’s Twitter feed, macarons, and House of Cards. She can quote the movie “So I Married an Axe Murderer” line for line.

Amy Reiss

By Amy Reiss

In no particular order, Amy Reiss is a writer, mother, wife, book-lover, and wine-drinker. Current obsessions include Kelly Oxford's Twitter feed, macaroons, and learning how to use Apple tv. She can quote the movie "So I Married an Axe Murderer" line for line.