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Brite Buds™
Stay visible with reflective cord earbuds.
Transform your earbuds into the ultimate sports earphones.
XDU™ Single Earphones
Safely listen to music and your environment.
Short Buds™
Eliminate tangling and catching that comes with extra cord.
Recent Articles
Brendan Lyons set off on a bike ride with his girlfriend, Lorena, on the morning of her birthday —October 4, 2013. The ride was no different than any other the couple had done; pedaling along the scenic foothills of Tucson Arizona’s Catalina Mountains. All the while staying within the confines of some of the widest dedicated bike lanes Tucson has to offer. However, their “ordinary” October 4th ride would turn out to be anything but. Brendan recalls waking in a hospital bed days later, connected to wires, tubes, and suffering excruciating pain throughout every inch of his body. Unable to remember the ‘incident’, Brendan had to be reminded several ti...
For anyone who has ever been a new parent, you understand that raising babies and young children is a 24-7 job. (In addition to the job you hold that actually brings in money, of course.) There are the sleepless nights, spit up on everything, constant diaper changes, and of course—the laundry. How is it possible that something so small can create so much laundry? One of the greatest challenges of early parenthood is finding short windows of time for yourself during the day, yet it’s incredibly important for your own mental health that you do so. Feeling constantly stretched thin or exhausted can be stressful and undoubtedly your child can sense it too.  Taking Tim...
For many of us with intact hearing in both ears, simple luxuries such as listening to music with two stereo earbuds is an ability that we often take for granted. Deafness in one ear however, is an unimaginable condition for many people, and as a result, the world generally isn’t designed to accommodate people with unilateral hearing loss, especially when it comes to headphones and earbuds. That is, until now. Far End Gear’s XDU Single Earphone is the perfect listening solution for people with unilateral hearing loss. By channeling a full, crystal clear stereo mix through one earbud, the XDU Single Earphone gives people with unilateral hearing loss the ability to finally e...
Whether one is a runner, cyclist, weightlifter, or any other type of athlete, mobility and safety are always key factors for performance. One’s apparel is designed to reflect the physical demands of his or her sport of choice, balancing the need for sufficient flexibility and mobility with the need for safety. For example, while a cyclist will wear moisture-wicking nylon shorts and a shirt, bike shoes, and a helmet, a weightlifter may wear loose-fitting shorts and shoes with a flat sole that permit the individual to safely perform squats and deadlifts.  In both activities, mobility and safety are addressed by the apparel. Considering that audio accessories are also used...
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