6 Cycling Safety Tips for Fall and Winter

Come autumn, the sun sets earlier and earlier with each passing day until December, when our sunny days come crashing to an end around 5 PM. For cyclists, this means taking a few extra precautions in addition to strapping on the helmet when taking a spin at dawn or dusk. That’s because adding rush hour traffic to decreased visibility from … Continue reading

Why Ultramarathons Rock

You crushed a slew of 10Ks and conquered a couple half-marathons. No big deal, right? If the toil and agony of preparing for your first marathon wasn’t challenging enough for your iron-clad spirit, try a  tango with the beast—the ultramarathon. Yeah, 30-50 miles of rugged trails and endless flats sounds like a worthy journey to see what you’re really made … Continue reading

Cold Weather Brings Hot, Indoor Workouts

As temperatures steadily dip over the next few months, our favorite outdoor workouts are moved inside for the winter, leaving us outdoor enthusiasts scrambling for ways to get in vigorous workouts. Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways you can work up a serious sweat and make gains during the cold months besides pounding the treadmill. So to help you … Continue reading

Kids & Earbuds: How to Prevent Hearing Loss

More than ever before, kids are using technology for education and recreation, both at school and at home.  With so many interactive lessons on the computer, many kids are wearing headphones for several hours a day, substantially increasing the risk of hearing damage. Most kids fail to understand the fact that hearing loss is a permanent condition, and using earbuds … Continue reading

Tips for Staying Safe on the Trail

As beautiful as the great outdoors can be, nature poses a variety of hazards one needs to be mindful of while enjoying their favorite outdoor activities. So whether you like to hike, mountain bike, or run the trails, we’ve listed a few tips for staying safe while enjoying the outdoors. Tip #1: Check the weather forecast Though the skies may … Continue reading

5 Tips for Urban Running

From speeding taxis and buses to pedestrians and cyclists, the congestion of a main road makes incredibly dangerous terrain for runners. For those of us who live in the city, our options can be limited when it comes to finding a runner-friendly route near home, so we’ve listed a few tips for staying safe while running in the city. Tip … Continue reading

The Best Earphones for New Parents

For anyone who has ever been a new parent, you understand that raising babies and young children is a 24-7 job. (In addition to the job you hold that actually brings in money, of course.) There are the sleepless nights, spit up on everything, constant diaper changes, and of course—the laundry. How is it possible that something so small can … Continue reading

Improving Life for People with Unilateral Hearing Loss

For many of us with intact hearing in both ears, simple luxuries such as listening to music with two stereo earbuds is an ability that we often take for granted. Deafness in one ear however, is an unimaginable condition for many people, and as a result, the world generally isn’t designed to accommodate people with unilateral hearing loss, especially when … Continue reading