Far End Gear Athlete
James D
Cornelius, NC
My name is James Davis and I�m a runner and a Disney fanatic. I enjoy running in my free time and when time allows running in half and full marathons.

James D - Far End Gear Athlete

James D
04/09/2018 07:36 PM
Not sure why it didn’t record time or distance but nice easy ride with wife
Cycling Event Results from 04/09/2018
Finishing Time: 00:00:25
James D
04/02/2018 05:10 PM
Back at it before surgery, out of it after cruise and funeral
Running Event Results from 04/02/2018
Finishing Time: 00:15:23
James D
03/07/2018 05:29 PM
Let’s call this a practice 5k running at near full speed for fat boy running club.
Running Event Results from 03/07/2018
Finishing Time: 00:26:17
James D
03/05/2018 06:05 PM
4 miles easy after missing last week from being sick, cooler temps today definitely helped this run.
Running Event Results from 03/05/2018
Finishing Time: 00:35:53