Short Buds Earbuds: The Ultimate Audio Solution for Athletes

Whether one is a runner, cyclist, weightlifter, or any other type of athlete, mobility and safety are always key factors for performance. One’s apparel is designed to reflect the physical demands of his or her sport of choice, balancing the need for sufficient flexibility and mobility with the need for safety.

For example, while a cyclist will wear moisture-wicking nylon shorts and a shirt, bike shoes, and a helmet, a weightlifter may wear loose-fitting shorts and shoes with a flat sole that permit the individual to safely perform squats and deadlifts.

In both activities, mobility and safety are addressed by the apparel. Considering that audio accessories are also used for athletic training, headphones and earbuds should also be designed with mobility and safety in mind.

Why Short Buds?

Far End Gear’s Short Cord Stereo Earbuds and the Stereo-to-mono Single Earbud feature a 15” fabric-wrapped cord, perfect for maintaining mobility while listening to music or podcasts. Short Buds are specially designed to provide just enough slack to connect to a clip-on audio device attached to your collar, such as the iPod Nano or the Sansa Clip. Unlike longer cords that catch and tangle, Short Buds stay out of your way, so that you can concentrate on flawless athletic performance.

For runners, cyclists, and hikers alike, this means no tucking away or tying down the cord to prevent it from catching onto foreign objects. For weightlifters, this means having the clearance to safely perform squats, deadlifts, and other movements without having a distracting cord hovering around core muscles and catching on weights or racks.

How the Short Buds Stereo-to-mono Earbud Keeps You Safe

While the Short Cord Stereo Earbuds provide maximum mobility to athletes and outdoor adventurers, the Short Buds Stereo-to-mono Earbud also provides an added level of safety. By combining both channels of sound in one earbud, the Short Buds Stereo-to-mono Earbud leaves one ear open, enabling you to stay aware of your surroundings while enjoying your audio device.

In addition to the reflective cord casing increasing your visibility to others at night, the Stereo-to-mono Earbud also benefits individuals with unilateral hearing loss by eliminating the inconvenience of having to listen to part of a stereo mix through one half of a dual earbud set.

Jeff Sheerin

By Jeff Sheerin