A Bright Idea for Nighttime Sports Enthusiasts

If you were to ask a group of runners to tell you their biggest frustrations with the sport, you’d likely receive a variety of responses. Actually you probably wouldn’t even have to ask, because runners are notorious for sharing their pain whether you want to hear about it or not.

“You ever run 20 miles on blisters? Yeah, not fun.”

“They can put a $400 million rover on mars but they can’t make better tasting energy gels?”

“To beat the heat I either have to wake up and run before sunrise, or after a full day of work. Either way, I’m running at night.”

When A Nuisance Becomes A Threat

While most runners’ pet peeves are simply inconveniences or minor annoyances, others can be downright dangerous. Due to spotty forecasts, time constraints, and attempts to avoid midday heat, many runners find themselves covering their miles in the dark.

While many recreational runners know to wear brightly colored clothing in low-light situations, not everyone understands the importance of reflective materials. In times and areas of low visibility, reflective clothing and accessories highlight the body’s movements by reflecting the headlights of vehicles and other light sources, like the moon. As runners move, their clothing and accessories move up and down, allowing motorists to spot them from far away.

The World’s First Reflective Earphones

To help keep runners safe, Far End Gear has created Brite Buds™, the world’s first reflective earphones. These ear buds feature a reflective cord made from water-resistant, glass bead retro-reflective threading. The result is an innovative, resilient product that leads to increased visibility during nighttime activities.


Not only do Brite Buds™ provide the wearer with a way to be seen, they also allow for heightened awareness thanks to the single sided, stereo-to mono version which mixes both channels of sound into a single ear. That way, runners and other athletes can listen to motivating tunes while pounding the pavement without compromising their safety.

Amy Reiss

By Amy Reiss

In no particular order, Amy Reiss is a writer, mother, wife, book-lover, and wine-drinker. Current obsessions include Kelly Oxford's Twitter feed, macaroons, and learning how to use Apple tv. She can quote the movie "So I Married an Axe Murderer" line for line.