NHT SuperBuds In-Ear Aluminum Headphones stay in with BudLoks

If your NHT SuperBuds In-Ear Aluminum Headphones fall out of your ears, there is a solution. BudLoks™ install around the body of your earbuds. The soft silicone wing gently locks into the bowl of your ear, comfortably locking it in place during general activity or vigorous exercise. More Details

NHT SuperBuds In-Ear Aluminum Headphones with In-Line Controls (Black)

The exciting new Super Buds in-ear headphones from NHT sport high quality, dual dynamic drivers mounted coaxially providing smooth frequency response and good dynamics. The NHT Super Buds are housed in aluminum enclosures which are solid, but balanced to rest easily in the ear without being fatiguing to wear for extended periods. The cable is covered with a non-tangling woven material that offers good durability. An in-line play/pause/answer switch lets you take a phone call when necessary. And the package includes a handy travel case for taking your Super Buds on the road with you. Super Buds are supplied with 5 different sized, latex ear-tips, plus two free samples of Series 200 Comply acoustic foam tips which ensure you have the proper seal. To make sure you get the response you want, a free parametric EQ app (one for Android and one for IOS) is available so that you can adjust the response even further to your listening tastes.
  • NHT SuperBuds contain 2-way high quality coaxial dynamic drivers with superior sound reproduction housed in aluminum enclosures that are solidly built and designed to be comfortable for extended wear
  • Braided cord promotes durability and is tangle-resistant
  • Smartphone support - in-line mic with multipurpose button for call and basic music control as well as a free equalizer app for iPhone and Android devices
  • Accessories include a carrying pouch, 5 sets of latex ear tips, plus 2 sets of Comply T-200 memory foam tips
  • NHT offers a 1-year limited warranty on all headphones purchased from authorized dealers
NHT SuperBuds In-Ear Aluminum Headphones with In-Line Controls (Black) Available through

NHT SuperBuds In-Ear Aluminum Headphones stay in with BudLoks Earphone Sport Grips